Forum Botanical Art, Thüngersheim 2018

left: Milk thistle, 2016, water colour on paper, 20 x 26 cm
right: Leaves 21, 2013, water colour on paper, diameter 30 cm

Botanical Art Worlwide - Flora's New Masters

Contemporary Botanical Art from Germany and Austria

For the first time, botanical artists from 22 countries have joined together to connect people to plants through botanical art. Hundreds of artists around the world have been seeking out plants native to their home countries and capturing them in paint, pencil, and ink to raise awareness of wild plant diversity.

Each country curated an exhibition of original botanical artworks to be hung in 2018, with events scheduled for a specific day worldwide on 18 May 2018. Participating countries provided digital slide shows of up to 40 works to be compiled with all other countries’ images and were shown at each venue.

The German contribution titled “Flora’s New Masters” with guest artists from Austria has been shown in Thüngersheim in the gallery “Forum Botanische Kunst". It was organized by the botanical artists Sylvia Peter and Verena Redmann, both members of the international steering committee.

More informationen to the main event:

Slideshow of the exhibited works in Thüngersheim.

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