1963born in Wuppertal, Germany
1987-1990vocational training as restoration technician
since 1990lives and works as a free artist in Cologne
2007study visit in Kobe, Japan
2011 curator of the exhibition "Encounters" (with Tomoko Sato),
Tenri Japanese-German Institute, Cologne
2012curator of the exhibition "Encounters in Okayama" (with Tomoko Sato and Yuki Asano),
Yumikobo, Kurashiki, Japan (part of the Okayama Prefecture Peoples Culture Festival)
2013curator of the exchange and photo exhibition project "flowing Urbanity", celebrating the 50th
anniversary of the town partnership Cologne-Kyoto,
ART68, Cologne
since 2015lecturer at Academy for Painting Berlin
2015curator of the exhibition "Zhú - Bambus - Take" (in cooperation with the Tenri Japanese-German
Institute, Cologne and the Chinese-German Society, Cologne),
Tenri Japanese-German Institute, Cologne
2018 curator of the exhibition "The Creativity of Plants" (in cooperation with the Tenri Japanese-German
Institute, Cologne),
Tenri Japanese-German Institute, Cologne
2022participating artist of Grootbos Florilegium, South Africa / Video

2020 Berlin Gallery ROOT
2018 Lüdinghausen Kulturforum Lüdinghausen
2016 Freiburg (Elbe) Kunstverein Kehdingen
Jena Gallery Huber & Treff
2015 Bonn Space of Art and Nature - Cornelia Genschow Gallery
2013 Frankfurt Gallery Ulrich Gering
2011 Cologne Gallery skala
Bonn Space of Art and Nature
2009 Brühl Gallery Brühl
2008 Cologne Tenri Japanese-German Institute
2007 Tokyo German Cultural Center
Münster Gallery Pohlkötter
Jena Gallery Huber & Treff
2004 Jena Gallery Huber & Treff
2002 Triberg Gallery Georg Reichenauer
Frankfurt Gallery Ulrich Gering
2001 Cologne Gallery skala
1998 Schaffhausen (CH) Gallery ka
Cologne Gallery skala
Frankfurt Gallery Ulrich Gering
1996 Cologne Gallery skala
Solingen Kunstverein Solingen
1995 Cologne Cologne Municipal Museum

2022 Grootbos/Cape Town The Hannarie Wenhold Bptanical Art Gallery
"Grootbos Florilegium"
2021 Krakow (PL) Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology
"Exploring Botany"
Jena Gallery Huber & Treff
"Neustart - Allein im Atelier"
2020 Moscow Kashirke Art Gallery - Society of Artists of Botanical Arts SABA
"Medicinal plants"
Cologne Tenri Japanese-German Institute
"30 Years Art in Cologne - Andreas Hentrich and friends"
New York Wave Hill
"ASBA 23rd Annual International"
London Society of Botanical Artists SBA
"Plantae 2020" (online)
2019 Thüngersheim Forum Botanical Art
"The movements of plants" (with Sylvia Peter and Mary Dillon)
Pittsburgh (US) Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
"16th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration"
2018 Bonn Space of Art and Nature - Cornelia Genschow Gallery
"Ornamental fall" (with Lisa Creagh)
Thüngersheim Forum Botanical Art
"Botanical Art Worldwide - Flora's New Masters"
2017 Seligenstadt Kunstforum Seligenstadt
2016 Thüngersheim Forum Botanical Art
"a covert paradise" (with Verena Redmann and Peter Lippmann)
2015 Oldenburg Gallery Kunstück
2014 Cologne Gallery Esch-Renner
"Natur" (with Matthias Brock and Jörg Munz)
2013 Cologne Gallery skala
(with Ayuko Matsui and Hirofumi Fujiwara)
2012 Kurashiki (J) Yumikobo
"Begegnungen in Okayama" (with Ayuko Matsui)
Gütersloh Gallery Siedenhans & Simon
"Naturalien" (with Samo Skoberne)
2011 Cologne Tenri Japanese-German Institute
"Begegnungen" (with Ayuko Matsui)
Paris Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée
"Aux quatres coins du monde"
2010 Frankfurt Gallery Ulrich Gering
"Soeben eingetroffen"
2009 Frankfurt Gallery Ulrich Gering
"Frisch gestrichen"
2007/08 Cologne Gallery skala
"Neues auf der Bildfläche" (with Herbert Linden)
2006 Cologne Gallery skala
"reality revisited" (with Gerd Lieder)
Oldenburg Gallery Kunstück
2003 Frankfurt Gallery Ulrich Gering
"Durch die Blume"
Wuppertal Bandfabrik Wuppertal
"Falten und Verbinden" (with Masaki Yukawa)
2002 Cologne Gallery skala
"Struktur und Raum" (with Herbert Linden)
Cologne Cologne Municipal Museum
2001 Frankfurt Gallery Ulrich Gering
Solingen Museum Baden
"Zehn Jahre Kunstverein Solingen"
1998 Frankfurt Gallery Ulrich Gering
"Hinter der Fassade"
1997 Luxemburg Salon de printemps, Municipal Theatre
1996 Blankenheim Museum Blankenheim
"Lieben Sie Rot - Aspekte einer Farbe"
1993 Luxemburg Salon de printemps, Municipal Theatre
"Europäischer Kunstpreis 1993"
1992 Nettetal Municipal Gallery
"Nettetaler Kunstpreis 1992"
Cologne Gallery Inge Baecker
"Europäische POP ART"

since 1997 regular participation at national and international art fairs (with Gallery Ulrich Gering, Gallery Esch-Renner)